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Material testing services


 CRISM "Prometey" performs research and test services of structural materials:


  • Rresearch of structural strength of materials and welded structures.
  • Research of composition, structure, physical and mechanical properties of materials.
  • Metrological examination and certification of structural materials.
  • Corrosion and corrosion-mechanical tests of structural materials.
  • Test of paint coatings and polymeric materials. Forecasting of long-term strength and performance of paint materials in service.
  • Analytical assay of material ultimate composition.
  • Examination of structure, composition, physical and mechanical, tribotechnical and dielectrical properties of polymer composites and their nano-modified composites.
  • Low-cycle fatigue tests.
  • Tribotechnical tests.


Bench tests of materials and element components:


  • Definition of material short-time characteristics.
  • Low-cycle fatigue tests of metallic specimens.
  • High-cycle fatigue tests of metallic specimens.
  • Creep-rupture and long-time creep tests of metallic specimens.
  • Corrosion and mechanical tests.
  • Special tests. Impact tests of reactor cover models.
  • Special tests. Hydraulic tests.
  • Test of structural materials in liquid metal coolant flux.
  • High-temperature tests of heat-resistant and high-temperature metals and alloys.
  • High-temperature tests of materials in air.
  • Heat treatment and long-term thermal soaking of materials in special furnaces.