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Welding materials and welding deposit technologies


Functional materials, nanomaterials and coatings developed by CRISM "Prometey" are successfully used in many industries: shipbuilding, oil and gas extraction and processing industry, machine building, agricultural industry, defence industry etc.


  • Explosion welding
  • Laser and hybrid welding of honeycomb elements of shipboard structures
  • Laser welding of cold-resistant steel
  • Welding of high-strength cold-resistant low-alloyed steels
  • Welding materials
  • Welding materials for steels of the 15ХKh2MFA(А), 15Kh2NMFA(А), 15Kh3NMFA(А) grades
  • Welding tapes of the Sv-04Kh20N10G2BA, Sv-07Kh25N13А, Sv-02Kh18N10B, Sv-02Kh23N15 grades, coated electrodes of the EA-23/15 and EA-18/10B grades
  • High-technology fused flux of the OF-40 grade for welding deposit of anticorrosive coating on bodies of power and petrochemical equipment
  • Welding materials and welding technologies of metal structures from low-alloyed silicomanganese steels of all-metal and metal-concrete containers for handing of spent nuclear fuel
  • Welding of copper alloys in homonymous and heteronymous combinations
  • Welding of copper alloys with steels
  • Welding deposit of copper alloys on steel
  • Welding deposit of wear-resistant materials on steel
  • Welding deposit of corrosion and erosion-resistant materials on steel