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FSUE CRISM "Prometey" NRC "Kurchatov Institute" is a State Scientific Center of Russian Federation (status is regularly confirmed since 1994) focusing on problem-oriented fundamental research and application scientific and research, research and technology works on creation of competitive science-intensive products ensuring innovative development of the most important direction of science, technologies and techniques.


In 2011 by Order of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation FSUE CRISM "Prometey" NRC "Kurchatov Institute" was classified as the 1st category organizationscientific organizations – leaders.

On the 3d of February 2016 a RF Government regulation regarding FSUE CRISM “Prometey” joining with National Research Centre “Kurchatov institute” was issued.


Main directions of scientific and technical development of the Institute:

  • Development of high-strength structural welding steels, welding materials, welding technologies, multipurpose coatings and methods of manufacturing of large-scale structure elements with high in-service reliability operated in combined stress state at extremely low temperatures under aggressive medium conditions.
  • Development of corrosion-resistant welding titanium and aluminium alloys including of large thickness, welding of large-scale structure operated under extreme conditions with long service life.
  • Creation of high-resistant polymer composites and manufacturing technologies of products for different machine building branches including those capable to be operated in aggressive fluid medium (sea water).
  • Creation of materials with high resistance to deterioration under influence of neutron flux and other types of radiation exposure for manufacturing of equipment for nuclear research and commercial reactors of different types with service life not less than 80-100 years.


Institute staff numbers in more than 1400 persons. Known scientists and specialists in metal science, metallurgy, welding, nonmetallic composite materials, nanotechnologies are founders of 3 schools of sciences.


Institute has basic subdepartments in major higher education institutions of city, postgraduate centre. In cooperation with leading companies and higher education institutions 2 Research and Educational Centers (REC) were established.


CRISM "Prometey" NRC "Kurchatov Institute" has own all-Russian Scientific and technical journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" (ISSN 1994-6716) covering actual problems of current material science.