Aims and Scope of the Journal “Voprosy Materialovedeniya”
(Materials Science Issues)


The journal is intended to serve a wide range of scientists and materials science specialists of research institutes, design organizations, industrial enterprises and educational institutions. The publication highlights the theoretical and practical results of research and development on the following issues:



  •  metallurgy and metals science, heat treatment of metals and alloys, deformation and destruction of structural materials;
  • materials for vessel power structures and equipment; materials science in mechanical engineering;
  •  structural nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (including nanoscale and nanostructured powder materials and porous nanocomposites);
  • polymeric composite and functional materials (including those with desired properties, amorphous, intermetallic compounds, smart high-temperature superconductors, magnetic nanomaterials, fullerenes and nanotubes, functional gradient coatings, composite materials, biologically compatible materials, diamond-like films, nanocatalysts), metal composites;
  • welding and allied processes. welding consumables and technologies;
  • corrosion and metal protection;
  • radiation materials science;
  • structural and technological strength of materials;
  • testing, diagnosis and quality control of materials; materials science approach to the utilization of equipment.


  For publication purposes we accept papers, which contain new scientific knowledge in the field of modern materials science based on the combination of theoretical and applied research, experimental development and industrial application of new materials and technologies. The papers are submitted with the appropriate recommendation of the company where the work was performed, and an expert cover letter on the possibility of open publication, or the manuscript cover letter should indicate that the article may be published in the open press!