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CRISM "Prometey" has an unique Research and Production Eexperimental base for production of pilot batches of semifinished and finished products, welding and other production-purpose services.


Offers for services and production works by the Institute:


  • Manufacturing of consumable patterns for casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 3d-printing of prototypes
  •  Manufacturing and repair of shaped parts (laser fusion)
  • Manufacturing of welding structures from steels, non-ferrous metals, alloys
  • Elaboration of work design documents of prototype
  • Machining of parts and structures
  • Welding of copper alloys with steels
  • Welding of copper alloys in homonymous and heteronymous combinations
  • Welding deposit of copper alloys on steel
  • Welding deposit of wear-resistant materials on steel
  • Welding deposit of corrosion and erosion-resistant materials on steel
  • Application of functional coatings by ultrasound cold gas spraying
  • Application of decorative and protective coatings on elements of architecture and historical monuments
  • Application of high-strength gas-thermal coatings. Detonation spraying. Arc method. High-velocity oxy-fuel method (HVOF)
  • Gamma–X-ray inspection of parts and welding assemblies of structures (NDT)
  • Definition of chemical composition of materials, content of gas and gas-making impurities, metallographic examinations
  • Refinement and disintegration-activation processing of materials
  • Activated brazing with amorphous brazing alloys
  • Application of protective coatings on titanium parts (microarc oxidation method)
  • Application of anti-friction and protective coatings on parts from titanium alloys (detonation spraying)
  • Heat oxidation treatment of parts from titanium alloys
  • Diffusion welding