The future of the titanium industry was discussed in FSUE CRISM «Prometey»


On May, 30th in FSUE CRISM «Prometey» XIV International Conference on titanium «Ti-2016 in the CIS», organized along with «The Interstate Association of the Titanium» had took place.




The tradition of joint holding of titanium conferences exists since 1999 when FSUE CRISM «Prometey» and «The Interstate Association of the Titanium» have organized and have carried out the 9th World Conference on titanium in St.-Petersburg. In the conference, which has taken place on a boundary of centuries, more than 500 scientists and specialists from 24 countries of the world have taken place. This year in the International annual conference on titanium 220 delegates from 12 countries of the world - Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, China, Japan and others have arrived here.


XIV International Conference on titanium «Ti-2016» in the CIS »          The director of FSUE CRISM «Prometey» Alexey Oryshchenko


The Conference «Ti-2016 in the CIS», the first day of which was held in FSUE CRISM «Prometey», is dedicated to academician I.V.Gorynin, the outstanding material scientist, the founder of series of titanium alloys for shipbuilding and machine building and the founder of a new industry of manufacturing of large-sized titanium ingots. The contribution of academician I.V.Gorynin to a matter of reorganization of the titanium industry for shipbuilding became nowadays a part of history of the country. Some participants of the conference have marked it.

The director of FSUE CRISM «Prometey» Alexey Oryshchenko The director of FSUE CRISM «Prometey» Alexey Oryshchenko told to participants of conference that, from 1956 till nowadays, «Prometey» created not only titanium alloys for the vessels and submarines, but also technique of their manufacture which then took root at the industrial operations. The head of institute represented on a screen a series of legendary titanium full-body nuclear submarines created from alloys of "Prometey". First "Goldfish" submarine has been built in 1969 and has set an underwater speed record. The submarine, which was created in 1980s, set a record on a diving depth.


The great interest of participants of the conference was directed to deep-water manned apparatuses of small displacement for building of which the alloys developed in institute also are using. Plots of fantastic novels about the research of ocean depths become nowadays a reality thanks to developments of material scientists. The rescue apparatus, built of new materials created by "Prometey" scientists along with the Chinese colleagues, are capable to be dipped of depth to 6 thousand meters and to examine the Mariana Trench, for example.

The chief of «The Interstate Association of the Titanium» Andrey Aleksandrov

The chief of «The Interstate Association of the Titanium» Andrey Aleksandrov who held a plenary session, has presented the report on a condition of titanium domestic market, in which he has valued, how many titanium is producing in the country and consuming in various industrial branches.


Participants of conference was interested to listen to the report of professor Zhao Juntsin from North-West Institute of non-ferrous metals who reported about new researches of titanium alloys in China. During the conference reports on perspective sources of titanium raw materials, techniques of laser handling of titanium, development of semi-manufactured materials made from titanium alloys and others have been presented. Scientists of «Prometey» have prepared interesting reports about researching of irradiation embrittlement of titanium alloys for reactor vessels and about material science support of materials manufacturing made from titanium alloys for the sea engineering (shipbuilding).


Participants of the conference «Ti-2016 in the CIS» from China    Participants of the conference «Ti-2016 in the CIS»


In due time academician I.V.Gorynin not casually named titanium as a 21st century material. Thanks to a unique combination of ease, strength, corrosion stability and other performances titanium alloys are widely used in shipbuilding and creation of deep-water sea engineering, in space industry, power machine industry and biomedicine. Participants of conference have presented series of interesting reports on new developments in the field of titanium techniques that should advance the titanium industry in Russia, China and other countries in the near future.