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International Conference on Design and Manufacturing of Arctic Structures (DMAS-2019)


The conference provided a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, and industry related to manufacturing, welding and joining of Arctic structures, including renewable energy structures. The conference was organized in a framework of ENI CBC EFREA project, which is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.







RAO/CIS OFFSHORE 2019. Prometey Is Among Winners


National Research Center Kurchatov Institute – The Central Research Institute of Structural Material Prometey took an active part in the 14th International exhibition held in St. Petersburg on 1-4 October on oil and gas resource development in the Russian Arctic and the continental shelf of the CIS countries of RAO/CIS OFFSHORE 2019.






The journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" issue 3(99)2019


New issue No 3(99) 2019 of the journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" has been posted on the website.














Prometey held roundtable discussions at the conference on shipbuilding NEVA-2019


 17 – 20 September, 2019 NRC "Kurchatov Institute" – CRISM "Prometey" together with NEVA-International organized two Roundtable discussion "Composite and additive materials in shipbuilding" and "Ice class. Materials and technologies for arctic use" (St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM CEC).


NEVA 2019 Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia


Sergey Golosienko, CRISM Prometey    NEVA 2019. Roundtable discussion - Composite and additive materials in shipbuilding




Prometey presented its developments at the 9th International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2019)


10 – 14 July 2019, NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - CRISM "Prometey" together with the leading enterprises of the marine industry presented its scientific and technical developments at the 9-th International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2019) in St. Petersburg.






The journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" issue 2(98)2019


New issue No 2(98) 2019 of the journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" has been posted on the website.













Prometey at the Exhibition Composite-Expo 2019


NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - CRISM "Prometey" participated in 12 th International Exhibition "Composite-Expo" (Moscow, 23 - 25 April 2019). Scientists and specialists of "Prometey" presented their developments and samples of products in the field of composite materials.






The journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" issue 1(97)2019


New issue No 1(97) 2019 of the journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" has been posted on the website.















CRISM Prometey - 80


CRISM Prometey - 80

History of CRISM "Prometey" is intimately connected with history of Russia.
Institute was found in prewar hard time for our country on the base of Central armor laboratory of Izhora plant in 1939. Before and during Great Patriotic War all forces of Institute were focused on creation of armored shield of the country. Institute works on development of armour and reliable solid-cast tank turrets for the famous T-34 tank, armour with thickness of 100–500 mm for vertical and horizontal armour protection of battle ships.


Our Institute significantly contributed to national science, industry, defence capacity and in fortunes of a country on the whole. Historically Institute was more than once in the lead of problem solving, was appointed as a leading organization and fully confirmed by its works this status - materials research center of the country.





The journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" issue 4(96)2018


New issue No 4(96) 2018 of the journal "Voprosy Materialovedeniya" has been posted on the website.