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The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "Prometey" named by I.V. Gorynin of National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" is a largest interbranch materials research center in the country, acknowledged leader focusing its efforts on development of fundamentally new, national-level advanced materials and technologies ensuring a solution of the problems of scientific and technical development and keeping of national defence capability.


Institute started its operation in 1939 with development and mastering the production of tank armor, principally for famous T-34 tanks, modernization of armor hulls of tanks and self-propelled artillery plants. All national naval fleet — undersea and surface fleet, many different-purpose civil ships as well as nuclear power plants, ice-resistant drilling platforms and other structures able to be operated under high loads in aggressive medium are built from materials developed by "Prometey".


NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - CRISM "Prometey"  today:


  • Leading Materials Research Center focused on development of materials and technologies for naval architecture, commercial shipbuilding, marine facilities including for hydrocarbons exploration in Polar shelf of Russia.
  • Basic Materials Research Organization for facilities of nuclear power engineering of Russian Federation.
  • Leading Organization of Development of Structural Nanomaterials as part of national nanotechnological network.


FSUE CRISM "Prometey" is classified as the 1st category organization – scientific organizations – leaders According to Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dtd. 01.04.2011 No.1445 FSUE CRISM "Prometey" is classified as the 1st category organization – scientific organizations – Leaders.


National Research Centre “Kurchatov institute” On the 3rd of February 2016 a RF Government regulation regarding CRISM “Prometey” joining with National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” was issued.



Comprehensive approach is a key advantage of the Institute.
According to this approach "Prometey" provides the full cycle of materials beginning from their creation, development of production technologies, welding, structure making, performance monitoring up to and including expiry of life and utilization.


Developments of "Prometey" are focused on key industries: shipbuilding, nuclear power engineering, thermal power and hydraulic power engineering, gas production and oil-refining industry, machine building and military technology where parts, structures and equipment operate under extreme conditions.


Institute staff numbers in more than 1400 persons. Known scientists and specialists in metal science, metallurgy, welding, nonmetallic composite materials, nanotechnologies is a core of research team.


Large variety of unique test equipment makes possible prototyping and optimization of composition, structure and properties of developed materials and up-to-date production facilities allow to perform research and design works from exploratory research to industrial engineering.


Institute has 3 schools of science, subdepartments in major higher education institutions of city, postgraduate centre. In cooperation with leading companies and higher education institutions 2 research and educational centers (REC) were established.


Institute supports and develops commercial communications with more than 500 organizations and enterprises: corporations, R&D establishments, design bureaus, plants and companies in neighbouring countries and beyond. High level of development developed an Institute reputation of reliable partner and allowed to establish stable and confidential relations with Russian and foreign clients.