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Aleksey S. Oryshchenko



Aleksey S. Oryshchenko - Director General of CRISM "Prometey"






Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


Honored machine building engineer of Russian Federation


Winner of the Russian Government's prize in the field of science and technology










Oryschenko Aleksey Sergeevich was born on March 20, 1946 in Askay village Volgograd region. In 1974 he graduated the Leningrad Mechanic Institute in specialty “Automatic actuators”.


In 1974 he joined FSUE CRISM "Prometey" as engineer and for a short period of time became a chief of laboratory engaged in physical and mechanical studies of irradiate materials. He was occupied with analysis of factors affecting degradation of reactor materials structure and service life.


In 1985 he was awarded a degree of candidate of Science (Phys.-Math.) for investigations of processes of small size clusters formation in metals, dielectrics and semiconductors using methods of positron spectroscopy.


In 2008 he was awarded a degree of Doctor of Science (Tech.) for development of alloying principles of heat resistant Fe-Cr-Ni based alloys and technologies of cast products manufacturing out of theses alloys.


 In 2012 he was awarded the rank of docent.


From February 1997 A. S. Oryschenko performed duties of Deputy General Director – Chief of Research and Production Experimental Complex (RPEC) of FSUE CRISM "Prometey".


For the time of his work as a chief of RPEC he was a leader of investigations in the field of creation of corrosion-resistant, high-strength coatings of different types (arc type, plasma type, detonation and high rate type), including nano-structured coatings. He was occupied in development of technologies of precise titanium casting. He participated in development of compositions and principles of refractory, heat resistant steels alloying, in creation of melting, welding and assembling technologies of high-temperature, serpentine plants used in oil chemistry. He made a large contribution into restoration and establishment of pilot shops of science-consumed products manufacturing, development and promotion of nanotechnologies in scientific and design works and production. For the time of this work in FSUE CRISM "Prometey" unique production lines and shops were established and new technologies were developed which ensure enhancement of operating characteristics of materials created in the Institute including materials used in composition of power engineering equipment, oil chemistry and metallurgy.


On December 5, 2008 A. S. Oryschenko became General Director of FSUE CRISM "Prometey".


Fields of scientific activities of Aleksey S. Oryschenko:


  • problems of materials research science, metallurgy and welding, structural strength of materials, reliability of structures;
  • nanotechnologies and structural nano-materials;
  • radiation researches of materials.

Aleksey S. Oryschenko is an author of more than 164 published scientific works, 62 inventions, he is a chairman of the Scientific-Technical Council of the Institute.


A. S. Oryschenko has the following government awards:


  • Order of Honor - 2010
  • Jubilee Award - “300th Anniversary of the Russian Fleet” - 1997
  • Title “Honored Engineer of the Russian Federation” - 2000
  • Medal “In memory of the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg” - 2003
  • Title “Honored man of Science and Engineering of the Russian Federation” of the Ministry of Science and Education - 2011
  • Title “Honored Shipbuilder” of the Ministry of Industry and Power of the Russian Federation - 2006
  • Diploma of the Governor of Saint Petersburg - 2009, 2011
  • Diploma of the Committee on Science and High School of the Government of St. Petersburg - 2011
  • Award of the Russian Federation Government for Merits in the Field of Science and Engineering - 2011
  • Plaque of Honour "For service for St. Petersburg" - 2014